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No need for a home phone line or cable outlet, the only thing your Airlan router or wireless modem connects to, other than a power supply, is your desktop computer or laptop.The Airlan modem has a built in wireless antenna which connects wireless to one of our many Hotspot access points around Jindabyne and other coverage areas, resulting in complete freedom.Broadband access virtually everywhere you go within the Airlan's Coverage Area, so you're no longer limited to using broadband in your home or office.

*Please refer to the availability section of the website for more details on coverage.No waiting period, after you associate with a hotspot just follow the Get Connected steps and you're online immediately.No installation required and a plug and play setup that takes less than 5 minutes.Fast and always on: similar speed and experience as ADSL.No waiting for reconnection if you move home: Just check the coverage maps at
Not only is Airlan's Wireless Broadband completely portable and simple to set-up, it's also available at similar prices to current ADSL and in most cases cheaper then dial-up.


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