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Plans and Prices

NBN Fixed Wireless and Fibre

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Airlan NGN Fixed Wireless

Airlan NGN Service24 Months Subscription Plans.

Click below for Plan Details Speed* upto: 7/0.9 Mbps Monthly Speed* upto: 15/1.5 Mbps Monthly Speed* upto: 30/6 Mbps Monthly Speed* upto: 60/20 Mbps Monthly Excess Usage Fee *AirVault Storage Monthly Data Included
Air-FW-400 $99 $110 $122 $132 1c/MB 0GB 400GB
Air-FW-800 $129 $142 $152 $162 1c/MB 10GB800GB
Air-FW-2TB $159 $169 $179 $199 1c/MB 25GB2,000GB

$0 activation fee for 24 months contract . Cancellation Fee of remaining months left on plan is applicable on all plans. All plans have 20 email accounts included in monthly fee.

Click here to download application form. Minimum total cost calculated as: (Min. Monthly Fee * Months) + Set-up Fee + Hardware Fee.

All prices are inc GST.

* The AirVault BaaS (Backup as a Service) service has a value of $25/month which is provided as a bonus for FREE for 3 months for one computer. BaaS is for a single pc and additional accounts can be purchased separately. We have designed AirVault to provide a Carrier and Enterprise class Backup/Disaster Recovery service to ensure our customers can insure their valuable data against not only natural disasters but also viruses. AirVault utilises geographical diverse data centres to ensure redundancy with high level encryption you control to securely lock your data.

Data and Speed.To avoid any doubt, in relation to Data and Speed, there may be factors outside the control of Airlan that will have an effect on the user experience. For example, if there are any capital works by our wholesale supplier, your service may be restricted to a lower speed. There may also be localised congestion (of the wholesale supplier backhaul) in which our wholesale supplier may not be able to provide the same speed at all times of the day. Other factors beyond the control of Airlan and our wholesale supplier is international bandwidth availability, the destination you're trying to reach may have its own traffic management per site visitor to a specific download rate (this is very common to ensure one visitor to their web site does not limit the ability for others to download from or access their web site) and subject to our acceptable and fair use policy.

* Connection Speed: *Up to speeds refer to the interface speed delivered to the wireless technology installed at the customers premises. They are not necessarily equivalent to the download/upload speeds you will achieve in practice. Actual download and upload speeds will be affected by many external factors which include the number of end-users using the service at the same time, the hardware, software and software configuration, the connection method within the premises and the type/source of content being downloaded. All speeds are based on theoretical network maximum interface speeds and subject to our acceptable and fair use policy.

Things you need to know. Unless you have chosen a plan with an unlimited traffic allowance. Data usage calculations for billing excess usage for all plans is the sum of both Uploads and Downloads, hence total data usage.

The service is subject to network availability in the relevant area.

If you exceed your monthly download limit the appropriate excess usage charge will apply until the first day of the next billing month.

Unused data allowance is not rolled into subsequent months. An early cancellation fee applies to Airlan's wireless broadband service when disconnected before agreement period is completed. See terms and conditions for details.

All payments must be by Visa or MasterCard credit cards or Visa or MasterCard Debit cards. Monthly fees are paid in advance, excess charges are on the first day of the new billing period.

Installation is for basic installations, difficult mounting/installations may incur additional charges.

All prices quoted included GST, unless otherwise stated. Excess usage charges are quoted ex-GST and calculated on calendar month, at time of billing GST will be added to total excess usage fees.

Onsite computer support is charged at the current hourly rate. Total time charged for each job is calculated from Jindabyne Post Office to customer's location and back to Jindabyne Post Office.

Telephone based computer support is charged at $88 inc GST per unique incident/problem. New account setup Fee is $99 inc GST.

For technical and commercial reasons, Airlan reserves the right to limit upload and download data capacities, connection speeds and P2P traffic.

Pricing and information correct and effective when services are available in your area.

Airlan reserves the right to change any information, plans and prices contained on this web site or printed material at any time without notice. All services outlined above are subject to Fair Use Policy.


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