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technology background

Over the past 14 years of servicing our customers nationally, continuous technology innovations in the Wired and Wireless domain enables and empowers Airlan to incorporates the most current and suitable technology based on the customers requirements. We engage with our residential, business and corporate customers to develop and /or implement their business requirements for a bespoke system that will scale as required.

Our toolkit includes licensed and unlicensed frequencies from 2.4Ghz all the way to 60GHz millimetre microwave. In congested environments we utilise Beam Forming systems to mitigate interference and latency. Current technologies also include AirFiber which enables wireless backhaul of over 8Gbps + throughput, and with soon to be ratified wireless standards capable of 10Gbps capabilities we are positioned to take advantage of these technologies as they become available.

Airlan's advantage over larger Carriers is our Agility to test, provision and include in our technology toolkit faster.

Airlan's NOC (Network Operations Centre) maintains 24/7 network monitoring and provisioning for functions including: bandwidth allocation, monitoring and controlling of network elements, monitoring traffic patterns to detect network over/under-utilisation, traffic re-routing, troubleshooting and repairs, billing, customer resource management and other administrative tasks.


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